“In the era of Robotic Surgery , we should not allow to have morbidity and or mortality just because someones hypertension and or diabetes is not diagnosed on time.”

“It is the need of the hour to be aggressive, constructive and practical in targeting the real cause for the “eruption” of the“Slow Tsunami” of hypertension and diabetes in India and other developing countries. We believe integrating technology and developing easy access to tools for control of hypertension and diabetes will be a breakthrough in the management of these diseases. If we integrate the science as described in the Key actions suggested by the Lancet Commission on Hypertension and CDC-WHO initiative, we will surely be able to to acvhieve our goals and humanity will be benefitted.

We, at Rural Health Progress Trust, gladly accept the invitation to become a Heeple partner and develop new breakthrough technology that will benefit people with hypertension and diabetes in India.”

Arun More,
Clinical Cardiologist

Lifeline Hospital Latur

Institute of Rural Health & Research, Murud,
Latur, India