During the last decades improved treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus has postponed macro- and especially microvascular complications, but morbidity and mortality is still high in type 2 diabetes. Recent traditional trials have failed to reduce this, possibly due to large variations in individual treatment responses, which are not handled on an individual level, undermining the patients trust in the doctor and decreasing treatment adherence. At the same time the prevalence of diabetes is increasing rapidly especially in low-income countries in which health care professionals do not have the expertise nor the resources to treat these patients sufficiently.

At Odense University Hospital, we are testing the effect of individualized treatment of type 2 diabetes in general practice in a large study. Our preliminary results look promising and therefore we are eager to use our experience in individualized antidiabetic treatment for free in low-income countries. We see the Heeple initiative as a great opportunity for achieving this.

Henning Beck-Nielsen
Chief Physician, Professor, DMSc

Department of Endocrinology M
Odense, Denmark