From Mumbai we continue our journey by air to Aurangabad. In the city we meet Doctor Ernst from Belgium and Doctor Angelo from Italy. Both doctors are part of The Lancet Commission on Hypertension and play a major role in the project.

From the airport we continue by car and are greeted by three additional Indian Doctors and Cardiologists – Muneer Ahmad, Manoj Gerela and Ranjit Kadam. The doctors accompany us on the remaining part of the journey and in the car we get thoroughly educated on the national healthcare situation in India. We learn about the different healthcare tiers, the major challenges, how modern technology plays a role, how culture impacts medication compliance and about the ambitious intervention plans for the future. 

After six hours on very bumpy roads we meet with Doctor Arun More. Doctor Arun has been a driving force behind arranging this trip and is the founder of the Rural Health Progress Trust (RHPT) in India. RHPT works to improve awareness and treatment of hypertension and diabetes in rural India. It is a novel cause and in the last years Doctor Arun has successfully impacted thousands of lives with activities.

By 1 am we land at our hotel and have a late dinner with all the doctors before heading to bed.