It is by no means an ordinary day in the office today. After several months of hard work, we are finally ready to launch Heeple!

Heeple is a new type of charity organization. Our roots are deeply embedded in the software industry and our mission is to use modern technology to improve prevention and treatment of lifestyle related diseases.

To me personally, Heeple is a journey into unchartered and deep waters. We know software, but we have absolutely no experience with charity and first aid in the world’s most venerable areas. We have commercial success, but can we find ways to fund activities in developing countries that are non-profit? We believe there is huge potential for helping people, but can we convince others. We believe modern technology will be a game changer, but can we verify that smartphone apps, interconnected devices, telemedicine and big data are ground-breaking technologies in first aid care… can we educate people to embrace this so far from home.

There’s a million questions running through my head as we board the flight in London heading to Mumbai in India.

As we touch down in Mumbai and watch the Indian country unfold through the window, everything suddenly makes sense. I have no answers to all my questions, but Simone and I are on an exploratory and educational journey with the simple desire to help people.

My three wonderful colleagues from Duckwise – Christina, Janis and Simone