Our day starts in Hotel Aroma Latur with a scientific meeting arranged by RHPT and the Indian Medical Association, which is their national association. People are excited to meet the world leading doctors from The Lancet Commission and a formal round with introductions of the chairpersons takes place. Doctor Arun clearly outlines the purpose of the day. “My wish with this scientific meeting is to have an interaction between The Lancet Commission, CDC, Heeple and our local hypertension specialists, to better understand the scientific contents of Global Hearts and how the key actions from the commission can be implemented in practice”.

The first spokesperson is Ms. Kristy Joseph, who delivers an outstanding global perspective of NCD’s and the need for action. Next up are Doctor Ernst Rietzchel and Doctor Angelo Scuteri from The Lancet on “A call to action and a lifecourse strategy to address the global burden of raised blood pressure on current and future generations”. It is a captivating speech with 10 very concrete key actions that are strongly endorsed by both CDC and WHO. Both doctors are world leaders and have impressive insights that captivate people. After Ernst and Angelo we receive an interesting speech from Doctor Sanyaj Shivapuje on “Angina Pectoris: An evidence-based approach”.

Before lunch the final speakers are Doctor Arun More and myself representing Heeple on “Technology integration for evidence based management of hypertension and diabetes”. I’m quite excited and simultaneously humbled to stand in front of so many passionate doctors together with Doctor Arun and explain how technology will play a major role in health care and rural India in the future years to come. Our proposition is to develop a digital rural health monitoring eco-system consisting of 1) systems for patient management, 2) systems for program support and 3) a patient registry. Our desire is to make RHPT a lighthouse case that can create a foundation for an international roll-out of the Global Hearts program. The entire concept of digital health is new to many in the crowd but the project is received with much enthusiasm and positive feedback.

We are both excited to uncover the very ambitious plans of digitalizing the Global Hearts program in a cooperation with The Lancet, CDC, Heeple and RHPT and with Doctor Arun as the local implementation champion.

After lunch the scientific meeting continues with more insights on prevention and control of diabetes, before Doctor Arun once more gets on the scene to introduce all to the activities of the RHPT. He delivers an excellent speech, focussing on the implementation of key actions by the Lancet Commission and the Global Hearts program.

Both Simone and I are exhausted but also enlightened after an amazing day in company with highly passionate doctors. We return to our hotel for a quick rest before a private dinner with Doctor Arun and his family.