Rules exist to be broken

Very few people in the world receive proper treatment for hypertension and diabetes. This is explained by the “Rule of Halves’, which clearly ill­­­­ustrates the lack of care in both disease areas.

Globally, this is due to four major challenges:

  • Lack of capacity in the health system to perform screening
  • Lack of capacity to implement proper treatment and follow-up
  • Lack of training of health workers
  • Lack of focus from government and the health system in hypertension and diabetes

These challenges are particularly pronounced in the Third World, where 1) hypertension and diabetes is increasing, and 2) where decreasing number of patients reach their treatment targets. Digital decision support “Heeple” is the single most cost-effective intervention to effectively address these enormous challenges. Digital decision support can change the “Rule of halves” in the following areas:

  • Better screening of broad segments of society
  • Faster implementation of the best treatment and follow-up
  • Better training and support of non-medical health personnel
  • Better direct support to individuals that inspire change in lifestyles and more compliant medication adherence