”I see Heeple as a great possibility to reach large populations that are too far from medical specialists, in terms of geographical and/or social distance. As Cardiologist, I plan to share my experiences from Denmark and especially the HIT program to help the Heeple team succeed with their noble initiative. In the HIT program we tested a so-called HIT prototype using Telemedicine connecting the hospital-based Heart Failure Clinic with the patients at their home. Thereby we empowered the patients to handle medicines according to current guidelines, adapted to their particular needs and changing condition – as we usually do in the outpatient clinic. With HIT we managed to achieve this without requiring the patient’s physical attendance for all visits. Such kind of systems may be adapted to reach populations with difficulties to attend specialized outpatient clinics, including rural communities and frail patients. I look forward to participate in such development with the Heeple initiative”.

Helena Domínguez
Chief Physician, ph.d., lector
Department of Cardiology Y
Copenhagen – Frederiksberg